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Welcome to empowerED School Solutions, where we  support schools in transforming a vision of inclusion and equity into reality.

At empowerED School Solutions, we envision an educational system where students are defined by their strengths rather than their deficits. 

We strive to create schools where ALL children receive access to high quality, engaging instruction and grade-level curriculum in inclusive settings. 

We view differences as gifts to be treasured rather than problems to be solved.  

We believe that what happens in schools today lays the groundwork for the future of our society tomorrow.


Our Mission

The mission of empowerED is to create more inclusive, engaging schools where
high expectations are held for all.  We accomplish this through

  • Interactive and relevant professional development that models the practices we want to see in our classrooms;

  • Leadership training in systems change for inclusion  and equity from individuals who have real-world experience in implementation;

  • Instructional coaching from educational experts with years of experience as practitioners;

  • Ongoing professional learning opportunities to address systemic inequities that disproportionately impact students who have been historically marginalized; 

  • Comprehensive program reviews of special education, intervention frameworks, and multi-tiered systems of support with a goal of providing actionable recommendations for improvement;

  • Development of high-quality literacy programs grounded in research-based best practices; and

  • Consultative support and meeting facilitation to support teams in arriving at consensus to best meet the needs of all students.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Jenna Mancini Rufo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of empowerED School Solutions. Dr. Rufo's experience as a former Assistant Superintendent, Special Education Director, policy specialist, teacher, and inclusion facilitator have provided her with a wealth of practical experience and knowledge in leading systems change for more inclusive and equitable outcomes.  She is an engaging speaker and author who is currently working with dozens of school systems and organizations across the country.

Dr. Rufo was inspired to enter the field of education by her sister, Nina, who has significant disabilities.  She strives to create opportunities for today's students that her sister never had.


Our empowerED School Solutions...

At empowerED, our consultants possess practical, real-world experience in implementing inclusive change in schools.  We are more than just theory, ideas, or ivory tower research. We understand that the HOW behind implementation is just as important as the WHY.  


When you choose to work with empowerED, you are selecting a consulting firm that understands the challenges schools face today, but also their enormous potential. 


We will work with you to offer creative and practical solutions tailored to your system that are grounded in best, research-based strategies. 

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