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Book an Appointment with Dr. Rufo

  1. To book a 30-minute appointment with Dr. Rufo, click here.

  2. When you have opened the appointment calendar, navigate to the week in which you’d like to book an appointment.

  3. Click on a gray 30-minute appointment slot.

  4. Edit the “What” to include your name and district.  Edit the “description” section to include your email address and what specifically the appointment is in reference to.

  5. Click “save.”

  6. There is no need to email to confirm your appointment - you will automatically receive an email with a link for a video call reserving your slot.



To cancel an appointment, simply delete it from your calendar.

This booking system works best with organizations that use Google/gmail.  If you are having challenges configuring your appointment, simply email Dr. Rufo at with the date and time you would like.

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