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A pre-school boy with Down Syndrome who is looking down and laughing

Our Services

EmpowerED offers a range of services to support systems in creating more equitable and inclusive schools through training, development, and individualized student supports.

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A large cafeteria filled with many adults seated around tables.  Many have laptops in front of them and appear to be in discussion with one another.


​Whether you are looking for live in-person training, remote professional development, or job-embedded support, empowerED will customize a plan to meet your needs.  Our offerings include...

Two women seated at a table generating a list on chart paper with markers.  The woman on the left is light-skinned and has black curly hair and is wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt and headband. The woman on the right is writing on the paper.  She is wearing a red unbuttoned cardigan with a pink camisole underneath.  The woman is white with shoulder-length brown hair.


​We support systems in analyzing their current programming, providing  recommendations for improvement, and offering implementation assistance through...

A nine year old white girl with long brown hair who is seated in a wheelchair.  She is in a gymnasium and is smiling.  The girl is wearing a black t-shirt that says "LOVE - LOVE" with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath and black and white leopard leggings.

Individualized Student Supports

​Sometimes IEP teams need a fresh perspective.  We offer a range of supports to ensure that students with disabilities are making the progress they deserve and are capable of achieving.  These services include...

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