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Online Mini-Courses

Are you a district or school system in need of on-demand professional development delivered when you want it to support your students with diverse learning needs?  Then, the mini-course bundle is for you!

The mini-courses are each anchored by several "big ideas" central to learning.  Big ideas are reviewed through videos and articles.  Participants engage in checkpoint quizzes and questionnaires to gauge their understanding.  Mini-courses are dynamic in that they can range anywhere from 90 minutes of required material to a supplemented two hours and 30 minutes when additional resources are explored.  Flexibility is built into the course to allow for varying time needs or for participants who want to explore the topic more deeply.


Districts can purchase the mini-course bundle at the following pricing points:

Up to 500 participants - $9,900

Up to 1000 participants - $12,900

Unlimited participants - $15,000

Contact Jenna at for your quote.

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