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Are you tired of all the excuses for why we can't implement inclusion? 
Then join me in #NoExcusesNovember. Each day I'll be posting a common excuse for avoiding inclusive education along with a rebuttal. 
The time for inclusion is now!

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"We can't implement inclusion without more teachers/ money/ paraprofessionals/ curriculum/ etc."

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"It will hurt the self-esteem of students with disabilities if they are in classes where the material is too hard."

low expectations aren't ever a good solution for boosting self-esteem. (1).png

"Special education will address skill deficits so students can return to the regular classroom better prepared."

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"But what about a 'continuum of placements' for students who can't be included?"


"Students with disabilities need separate programming to fix their skill deficits."

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"What could that student possibly get out of (fill in the black - chemistry, Romeo and Juliet, algebra, etc.)?


"I wasn't trained to work with students with disabilities."


"We can't worry about inclusion or anything new in the middle of a pandemic."

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"Students with significant disabilities would be better off learning 'functional life skills' than being included."


"There's no proof that inclusion works."

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"This school isn't ready for inclusion yet."

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"We tried inclusion and it didn't work."

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